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Alexander Walters has let us know that the Anglo/Russian Association has announced RUSSIAN AIRPORTS VOL1 for FS2000/98 plus an CFS and CFS2 Update. New Features will include FS Traffic Tracks, interraction with Lago Active Scenery, which means, it works like Italy 2000 Airport Traffic and En-Route Traffic. Plus there will be added scenery of .g: Moscow Scheremetyevo, of Moscow City, etc. The package will also include complete airports with satellite terminals, radar towers, hangars, office buildings, maintenance buildings, docking system, detailed numbered gates in actual Russian Language, accurate taxiways with corresponding ID signs (CAT I, CAT II/III, ID Signs), night lighting effects the ability to increase or decrease number of aircraft taking off, landing or taxiing according to your PC performances, dynamic traffic all around the airport areas. Airports included in this version: Moscow UUEE Terminal 2 and Terminal 1, St. Petersburg ULLI, Murmansk ULMM, Vladivostok UHWW, Samara (KUF). All adventures will be mixed with English and Russian language. They are currently working on them manual plus add some of the Aeroflot and Samara fleets as wll as the charts for each airport. This Add-on will come on CD and as Download, which can be ordered direct from thier Web Site once they have announced the release Date, which is expected to be 24 July 2001. Price: Ј22.00 + P&P if applicable. for more information click on this link

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